05 Februar, 2011


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  1. From New York Times' Arts Section (16 Feb 2011), by Dennis Lim

    "Three other directors who have been linked to the Berlin School teamed up for another festival highlight, “Dreileben,” a trilogy of overlapping 90-minute films made for German television. (The title, the name of the fictitious town where the films are set, translates as “Three Lives.”) The three films — by Christian Petzold, Dominik Graf and Christoph Hochhäusler — all concern an escaped killer in the Thuringian forest. But unlike the “Red Riding Trilogy,” the British counterpart, which spans a period of a decade, “Dreileben” adopts a kind of cubist method, allowing each director to tackle a single starting point from a radically different angle.

    Each installment enriches and complicates the others. Cumulatively they attest to the limits of understanding and the potential of imaginative empathy. To its credit “Dreileben” seems too modestly titled — the films conjure not just three lives but worlds of possibilities."